The Structure of Online Activism

Kevin Lewis,Kurt Gray,Jens Meierhenrich
Conocimiento - Incidencia - Información - Tecnología social - Incidencia - Innovación
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a) University of California, San Diego; b) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; c) London School of Economics and Political Science
Abstract: Despite the tremendous amount of attention that has been paid to the internet as a tool for civic engagement, we still have little idea how “active” is the average online activist or how social networks matter in facilitating electronic protest. In this paper, we use complete records on the donation and recruitment activity of 1.2 million members of the Save Darfur “Cause” on Facebook to provide a detailed first look at a massive online social movement. While both donation and recruitment behavior are socially patterned, the vast majority of Cause members recruited no one else into the Cause and contributed no money to it — suggesting that in the case of the Save Darfur campaign, Facebook conjured an illusion of activism rather than facilitating the real thing.
Palabras clave:
Tecnología social, movimientos sociales, activismo, online

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